Grand Rapids Walking Tours

Guided walking tours of Grand Rapids right in the palm of your hand.

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Bringing History to Where it Happened

Don't just read about local history in a book or online, stand where it happened.



A Great City with a
Great History

Grand Rapids has a rich history. The tours in GR Walks make this history accessible.

Tons of History

Each tour is packed with interesting facts, stories, and photos that bring the history of Grand Rapids to life

Tours on Your Schedule

There is no need to sign up for a tour guide or register for a specific event. GR Walks is your own personal tour guide, available whenever you want to go!


Multiple Platforms

GR Walks works on iOS and Android. All features of the app work perfectly regardless of platform.

Works on Android

Maps, Photos, GPS, Audio, It all works on android devices.

Works on Tablets

GR Walks works just as well on a tablet as it does on a smartphone.

Awesome Features

GR Walks is full of features to help put history at your fingertips.

Content Available Offline

No Internet? No Problem! Download a tour and it will be available even without an internet connection. (Great for iPod Touch’s or iPad’s)

Audio While You Browse

Read along with the audio or browse photos while the audio narration plays.

GPS Enabled

Find tours close to you or just follow the map to the next stop. You will never get lost!

Download Only the Tours You Want

Each tour is available on-demand. This saves space on your phone and lets you choose only the content that interests you.

What People are saying

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