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Guided walking tours of Grand Rapids right in the palm of your hand.

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    Multiple Free Tours

    Tours of neighborhoods, historical landmarks, and important places to visit in the city. with many more to come! The app is first launching with the Heritage Hill North walking tour and a tour of Eastown/East Hills neighborhoods. We hope to add more tours as we finish research and writing.

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    Full of Features

    Each tour can be downloaded individually (so you don’t waste time or space for tours you don’t want to take). Each tour features a GPS enabled map that will show you where you are in relation to the stops on the tour. For devices without mobile internet access, the maps and content still are viewable but will not function with GPS. Each stop contains full-size historical photos with captions from city archives and photos of details not visible from the street. Each stop features a short audio file that you can listen to while flipping through photos or while following along with the text.

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    History at your Fingertips

    Don't just read about local history in a book or online, stand where it happened. With GR Walks, you can walk around a historic home while looking at photos of how it has changed over time and see the faces of the people who lived there.